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Afterwards this login can be used immediately for shopping.

The following online payment options are possible with Multisafepay: bancontact / VISA or mastercard.
It is also possible to pay with bank transfer (please keep in mind this wil delay the shipment because goods will be prepared for shipment after the payment is received, this usually takes up to 2 extra workdays).

It is possible to read our sale conditions on this page: https://shop.mambotango.be/views/salesconditions.aspx
It is possible to pay your order via a bank transfer, in this case keep in mind that the order will only be processed at the moment the payment is received (this can take up to 3 working days).
Our KBC bank account number in IBAN format is BE58 7310 0965 2279, BIC: KREDBEBB

For orders below 59.95€ including VAT, a transport costs will be charged:

  • Belgium: 6€ / The Netherlands / Luxembourg: 6€ transport costs.
  • rest of Europe: 9€ transport costs.

The transport is provided by GLS Belgium.

The costs for returning goods are paid by the customer and will not be reimbursed.
The customer determines the method of return and the associated costs.

It is also possible to bring in the goods yourself.
For this we refer you to our contact page.
  • Goods that are in stock are sent via GLS Belgium and will be delivered within 2-5 working days.
  • If you choose "banktransfer", please keep in mind that the goods are prepared and shipped the moment we receive the payment (normally max. 3 workdays, depending on your bank)
  • Goods on order are delivered later, for an estimated delivery time please contact us at the following number: 011 58 68 77.
  • Your order may be shipped in its entirety if it contains goods that are on order.

You can revoke your order for 14 days, taking into account the following conditions:

  • Worn goods are not taken back
You can download the form for this via this link: revocation_articles.pdf
Please return this form filled in to info@mambotango.be
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If you want to order articles of the same size and / or color more fluently, you can enter a combination of search terms in the search bar such as "T-SHIRT FUCHSIA" or "T-SHIRT 10". You will then immediately see all articles that meet these search terms, which in itself can contribute to a simplification of the ordering process.

Click on "my shopping cart" and you will get an overview of what you have already registered to order. Here you can decide to continue shopping, update your shopping cart or confirm your order. ATTENTION: the order must be confirmed if it is to be included in the logistic process.

After you have sent your order (confirmed), you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming your order. If there is a mistake in our stock system and an article is not available anymore, this will be placed in backorder.

The sizes have a normal waist:



Mambotango size


0 months

50 cm



1-2 months

56 cm



2-4 months

62 cm



4-6 months

68 cm



6-9 months

74 cm



9-12 months

80 cm



1.5 year

86 cm



2 year

92 cm



2 year

92 cm



3 year

98 cm



4 - 5 year

104-110 cm



5 - 6 year

110-116 cm



7 - 8 year

122-128 cm



9 - 10 year

134-140 cm


11 - 12 year                         146 - 152 cm                12y

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    We would like to refer you to our contact page for this.
Brand name:  MAMBOTANGO
  • adress:                  Industrieterrein Kolmen  1244, 3570 Alken (Belgium) 
  • contact:                 tel.: +32(0)11 36 96 69 / email: info@mambotango.be

Company:   KIM&CO BVBA.

  • VAT number:          BE 0863.071.059
  • adress & contact:   Industrieterrein Kolmen  1244, 3570 Alken (Belgium)
                                tel.: +32(0)11 36 96 69 / email: info@mambotango.be